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not presentModel Inlet Flow Rate Range*gpm (lpm) Circulation Rate Range*gpm (lpm) Effective Flow Field Range***ft. (m) Liquid Flow Rate/Air Flow Rate Range** Agitator Tank for Mixing 46550 Tank Mixing Eductor 3.5 to 75 (11.3 to 308) 16.2 to 375 (53.3 to 1540) 3 to 46 (.91 to 14) Not Applicable 46550-ME Mini Tank Mixing Eductor .31 to 2.9 (1 to 11.7) 1.9 to 10.7 (6.2 to 43.6) 3 to 24 (7.6 to 61) Not Applicable 46550-AIE Air Induced Tank Mixing Edu Agitator Tank for Mixing Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable 0.82 to 3 (3 to 12.1) and 0.11 to 1.50 Agitator Tank for Mixing A GUIDE TO OPTIMIZING IN-TANK AGITATION

Was this helpful?What's the difference between tank agitators and tank mixers?What's the difference between tank agitators and tank mixers?Tank mixers are the same as tank agitators which is an agitator mounted on a tank to aid process operations with fluid mixing. Tank mixers are sized by taking into account the conditions of the application & industry. This impacts material selection, electrical & mechanical loading and performance criteria.Agitator Tank Mixers Agitators Chemineer Agitator PRG Agitator Tank for MixingAgitator Tank for Mixingtank mixers agitatorslarge tank agitatorschemical tank agitatorstank agitators industrialtank with agitatoragitators and mixerselectric agitators for tanksstainless steel agitator

Where to place a large agitator in a tank?Where to place a large agitator in a tank?Large tank mixers then can then be bolted to the top of the tank, either on center or sightly off center to create low-level self baffling. Browse our agitator mixers below.1000+ Gallon Tank Agitators & Mixers Can a mixquip series 50 agitator be opened?Can a mixquip series 50 agitator be opened?Mixquip&Series 50 clamp-on agitators can be fitted quickly and simply to open top tanks, turning a basic storage facility into an efficient mixing vessel. These portable pneumatic or electric clamp-on mixers are designed with flexibility in mind and are suitable for mixing fluids of light to medium viscosity materials.Agitators & Drum Mixers I IBC Mixer I Tomato Sauce Mixer Agitator Tank for Mixing

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