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The Importance of Structural Steel In Constructing Buildings

Jul 27, 2018Structural steel has become one of the most prevalent construction materials of the century, often seen as an extremely important component of modern buildings and housing. According to the World Steel Association , over 1,600 million tonnes were produced in 2016, 197 million more than the previous year.Industrial Buildings-Guidelines and CriteriaLateral Stiffness for Industrial Buildings without Cranes Lateral stiffness requirements are generally dependent upon the wall material selected for the structure. Build­ ings with sheet metal wall systems have performed ad­ equately with predicted wind drifts (based on the bare steel frame) as large as Height/100. Undoubtedly, theImages of Industrial Steel Structure Shed With Steel Bea

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industrial buildings. They also provide lateral support to columns in small and tall buildings, thus increasing the buckling strength. 2.1.4 Earthquake load Since earthquake load on a building depends on the mass of the building, earthquake loads usually do not govern the design of light industrial steel buildings. Wind loads usually govern.

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