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Shape specializes in advanced high strength steels up to 1700 MPa, with grade and gauge variation possible in the same set of tooling. Pre-pierced hole patterns are set in-line and various hole patterns are easily achieved with simple in-line, pre-pierce die changes. The formation of a components cross section is the heart of roll forming.Metal Shape Color Steel Roll Formingsheet metal roll formingsheet metal roll forming machinesmetal roll forming machine salesjohn roll formingroll forming steelwhat is roll formingmetal roll forming systemroll forming machinesExplore furtherRoll Forming What is it? Process, Benefits, Types, Metals Metal Shape Color Steel Roll FormingiqsdirectoryA-1 Roll Company Home Located in Botou Founded in 2001, specialized in Design, Manufacture, Installation, Debug of Color Steel Roll Forming Machine, is a private enterprise.

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